Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116520 and Audemars Piguet 26330OR.OO.D088CR.01

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daytona rolex replica

Anti-magnetism, water-proof and shock-proof have been constant topics in the watch circle. The water-proof problems were solved long ago as some watches has 30 meters, 50 meters or even an amazing 12000 meters depth of water-proof. Shock-proof was also gracefully handled with the anti-shock systems that are set in Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Then today, we mainly focus on anti-magnetism of the watches. The first one is to use antimagnetic materials to design movement and, applying soft iron in the case is the second one. Just learn more about the rolex look alike watches and audemars piguet watches here!


Fashion style may be not perfect for those matured men while sport style cannot match their stale character. Therefore, the best for them are those watches that is both rich in culture and stunning in appearance.  Rolex COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA can be categorized into this class, in terms of its brand awareness and credibility. What we suggest here is the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116520. White dial, bright bezel and chronograph make this Oyster more attractive. As the heart of the watch, the balance wheel is fitted with Rolex’s PARAFLEX, a special anti-shocking device. What’s more, Rolex 9001 movement will be wound up through the oscillating rotor which provide constant energy as long as you swing your hand.

Audemars Piguet 26330OR.OO.D088CR.01 has a double calendars display, which displays Date and Week. As there is no quick adjustment, it is advised to keep watch from stopping running; otherwise, it is a real troublesome to adjust date. Week can also be displayed through hand and cannot do the quick adjustment. But due to the inner structure, week and date can be adjusted at the same time as well as adjusted separately. Anyway, double calendars, under the normal circumstance, can achieve more precision.

All About The Tool Watches

The tool watch is aimed at helping out with something more than just telling the time. Thanks to any number of special features or materials, a tool watch is very perfect for the men who are fairly active and needs something they can wear every day.  I think “tool” is also an intangible quality, aside from a watch that has been designed for a specific purpose.  It’s a watch that gives off an air of substantial ruggedness, something that seems beautiful from an engineering standpoint more so than an aesthetic one.

It was not until after WWII and during the 1950’s that the concept of a tool watch truly evolved.  The 1950’s was the period of transcontinental flight, SCUBA diving, and exploration such as summiting Mount Everest that under lied the necessity of having a timepiece that can withstand the rigors of outside activity. The 1950’s was also a period that predated the ubiquity of today’s timekeeping whereby the only way to find the correct time was on a mechanical watch or clock.

For years and years, fake watches UK served not only as everyday timekeepers but also legitimate tools: a diver’s underwater timing mechanism, a driver’s tachymeter,ect. Swiss companies realized they must expand their catalog with technical watches that would satisfy specific client needs and in doing so fill a gap in the market. Rolex was a frontrunner. Using the Oyster case and the various patents it had acquired as a starting point, it created the Explorer and the Turn-o-graph which morphed into the iconic Submariner. The GMT, the Milgauss and later the Explorer II were all tool watches with a common identity.

Designed to satisfy the needs and desires of international pilots, the GMT-Master II is a genuine aviator’s watch with a cutting edge features and remarkable time keeping mechanism. This timepiece is proven to reliable and invaluable in terms of long distance travel. It features a rotating 24-hour advanced bezel and a distinct 24-hour hand. With its excellent time tracking features, the wearer may simultaneously read three different time zones in one glance. It is a very good tool watch for traveler. The GMT-Master II has an elegant look that is perfect for formal and classy occasions. The GMT-Master II is not only suitable for traveler, but also amazes anyone with a superior taste for luxurious watches.


replica audemars piguet watches
replica audemars piguet watches

There are many kinds of precious metal. Only gold has the most sense of history and wealth. In the past, in order to highlight the noble, many luxury items are decorated with gold ornaments. In western countries, wearing gold jewelry and what is not particularly eye-catching. Because of cultural differences, the eastern countries with a thousand years of ancient civilization, what we pay attention to is “money should not be exposed” and introverted. Therefore, wearing a small amount of gold jewelry often means wealth, while wearing expensive heavy gold will be regard as rich people. Gold has therefore been re defined.

As the new version of Audemars Piguet this year, Royal Oak 26320BA.OO.1220BA.01 adopts Octagonal porthole type bezel. After drawing surface grinding process, the watch dial shows a matte and rough texture, which is not easy to be scratched and keeps the Keep the surface as it was. At the sides, polishing treatment make the delicate color of the metal completely refract, bring exquisite, elegant and perfect experience of advanced watches.

Echoing the watch ring, the crown design is the same generous. On the basis of the hexagonal contours, the curves and surfaces are modified to bring a sense of touch and visual balance.

A gold cover was fixed with eight screws. The watch dial use Embossed style to present the series’ name. Inside the bottom cover, the brand uses the calibre 2385 automatic upper chain movement which is one of the most commonly used basic timing movement of brand. The diameter of movement is 26.3mm. It has the vibration frequency of 3HZ.

Precious metals always have their powerful aura, so they are not easily harnessed. That is why people who are too young can not hold the watch. Precious metals, however, have their elegant side. This needs to be skillfully cut on its characteristics by Craftsman Seiko. Not all gold watches can be as refined as Audemars Piguet.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two A.Lange&Sohne 1815 Series Watches

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a lange sohne replica watches

Lange&Sohne 1815 Series18K Platinum 233.026 Watch

The watch is equipped with 18K Pin buckle. The watch is internally equipped with a manual winding chain movement l051.1, which has 188 precise components, lever escapement, anti vibration glucydur screw wheel, Nivarox wheel hairspring, vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour and gooseneck trimmer with patent trimmer device. After fully winding, it can provides 55 hours of power storage. The watch combines a number of features of Lange Watch, including large 3/4 splints. he device is made of untreated German silver and has a unique light golden layer over the years. This poorly used material is extremely sensitive. Therefore, craftsmen need to have considerable experience and must be more careful in dealing with them. A polished sleeve is bearing a plurality of spindles. These sleeves are generally fixed by Lange blue screws. Deep red jewel bearings, chrysanthemum blue screws and gold sleeves create a traditional three colored design for the movement.

A Lange&Sohne 1815Series 234.032 Watch

Watch series: 1185

Movement type: manual mechanical movement

Case material: 18k rose gold

Strap material: alligator skin

Case diameter: 39 mm

Brief comments: the brown watchband of 234.032 watch combines with a rose gold dial, making the watch looks quaint and elegant. Its size is suitable and thin. The silver white watch dial combines with four blue pointer, adding a modern sense of joy on the basis of the classic retro styling. The manual winding movement functions are strong and fine grinding. The 72 hours of power reserve display adopts the brand’s unique technology.

To summarize: born in 1815, Ferdinando Adolf Lange pursuit the uncompromising perfection in his whole life. He is kind, passionate, courteous and modest. These are also the characteristics of the 1815 watches, as well as the origin of the name of the watch. Although the watch pays tribute to Ferdinando Adolf Lange, it is not directly named with the name of the founder of the German precise watchmaking industry.

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