Appreciation: Panerai Luminor 3 Days Bronze Diving watch PAM00507

The Panerai open a war of materials. Today what I will show you is a Panerai Bronze Model – it bring us the memory from the ocean and the past in each seaman’s mind. In the classic sailing, there are many objects made of this materials; as the time goes and environment, green rust is formed on the appearance of bronze ware, this also makes every bronze different. Two years ago, Panerai launched the first bronze watch, was praised internationally. Replica Panerai Watches Swiss Movement. Nowadays, the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve PAM00507 Automatic Brownzo watch, this new limited edition is made of the same materials, and it also shows a lasting charm and distinctive sailing style.

Actually, this is not the first Bronze Panerai, as the fans love the watch, there is not doubt that the Panerai will certainly continue this hot chase, because of this, the PAM00507 is born today. From the function, it is the familiar layout as we know, the clear date display window and the power reserve is Panerai common functional design, the small seconds is not strange to us, However, all of these conventional design created such a watch which is thought highly of.

The bronze used in Panerai Luminor 1950 is CuSn8, which is an alloy of pure cppper and pure tin, which is highly resistant to the corrosion caused by the seawater and the environmental conditions. In addition to the high structural toughness, this material can always keep its original warm tone, and with the passage of the time, the surface will be covered by a layer of green rust, so that the appearance looks more ancient.

The Bronze and the external factors( air, water, heat and daily wear) will produce a reaction on the surface of the green rust; this does not change the properties of this material, the traces of ages make the watch even more unique, rich personality. The size of the case is 47mm, the same classic is equipped with a locking device and the crown bridge.

The caseback is made of brushed steel and sapphire crystal glass, engraved with Panerai logo leather strap, and a frosted titanium metal clasp. With a spare strap and a steel screwdriver. The whole watch looks full of vintage style.

The most attractive place on the dial is the 3 days power reserve at the 4 o’clock, which will provide wearer a clear grasp about the movement situation. In addition to this very useful feature, there is a date window at the 3 o’clock.

the Panerai come with the P.9002 automatic movement , the material and craftsmanship reach to the high level on technology, quality and reliability. The bi-directional swing rotator achieve self-winding, 28800 bph. No matter from the material or movement, this Panerail Luminor 1950 3 days power reserve bronze watch will be your best partner. Although, the price is so high. That’s a not bed idea to try a high end replicas. This is what I suggest.

Cartier Watches: Reviews on Roadster Collection

cartier replica
cartier replica

For the Cartier Roadster series watches, the sleek curved contour of the watch mirror is convex shape, as it happens to connect with the screws at four sides. On the watch dial there has a magnifying mirror, for the appearance of the cross-sectional cuts, the Faucet becomes a visual focus, and the declaration of the arc is men’s masculine sense of life. Contour design captured in the rhythm of light and shade, which symbolized the plasticity of the men to be quiet or active appropriately; the belt with groove pattern and the STAINLESS STEEL belt enhanced the reveal of strength and freedom. In addition to featuring the simple and vivid Arabic numerals and design line, the watchcase of the Cartier Roadster has many characteristics echoing with the car body shape: the curve as the car mud leather streamline is lightly around the dial; the shape of the date magnifying glass is like the air inlet of the single-seater car hood; The convex Faucet is the radiator cap of a car. Roadster is the perfect combination of Cartier excellent tradition: excellent design, the appearance of purity, innovative ideas and excellent durability. All of these are the main features to make Cartier world-famous.

How to identify the Cartier watches? Yes you can observe the watch mirror or the watch pointers.

Cartier generally USES the sapphire table mirror, with the progress of science and technology, fake watch also started to follow it. Fake watch with sapphire watch mirror general was easy to see through, because the fake ones in order to reduce the cost won’t plate anti-reflect coating on the table mirror, not to mention the double coated, so under the light it reflect light seriously, and you just need to take Ultraviolet (uv) light for exposure to identify whether your Cartier watch is real or fake.

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What Rolex Watch Style Is Right For Me?

You can basically divide the Swiss watchmaking industry into two camps: Rolex, and the rest. That’s how excellent, prestigious, and famous the Rolex brand really is. There are many stylish Rolex watches for you. With so many styles and models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? The first decision you need to make is one of style. Different types of Rolex watches serve different purposes, so it’s important to choose the style that is going to fit with you.

Why buy a Rolex watch?

Everyone has their own reason for choosing to purchase a Rolex watch. What’s your reason? Perhaps you just want to celebrate a milestone, achievement or success in business or life; Maybe you want to invest in something that will keep its value; Or you want to wear something of quality with a storied history. The answer you give will affect which style is right for you.

What model should you buy?

Ask yourself these three questions: Firstly, do you want something sporty or dressy? Or perhaps something with the most versatility? Secondly, do you plan to wear it every day or just on special occasions? Thirdly,  What do you value most in a watch? The answer you give will help to establish the right style what your perfect watch would look like.

Choosing a watch style

Rolex watches fit into two main categories – dress watches and sports watches. As its name suggests, dress watches look best with a suit in formal situations, but they also wouldn’t look out of place worn with casual dress. For instance- Rolex Datejust Replica . Perhaps one of the most classic, dressy and recognizable Rolex watches. With an Oyster bracelet, it’s a bit more casual and with a Jubilee, it’s dressier. This style is perfect if you spend your working week in a suit; similarly, if you’re looking for something to bring out for formal occasions.

Sports watch covers a wider variety of watch styles, including dive watches and aviation watches.  Although Rolex sports watches have been designed for an active lifestyle, they wouldn’t look out of place in a formal situation. For instance- Rolex Submariner. Rolex Submariner is an excellent divers watch, water resistance is 1000 feet/300 meters, and the watch is very comfortable, and very versatile. It’s a classic that will always look good.