Owing A Rolex: A Very Wise Choice

Rolex is an incredibly well made piece of machinery that will last you a lifetime. Owing a Rolex is about the individual enjoyment of a true work of art. Now let ‘s look at these interesting facts about Rolex, that are useful to know if you are thinking of purchasing one.

For most people’s minds, when they hear the Rolex will always be the word ‘expensive’. Of course, Rolex watches are not just average watches which can be bought and used by an average buyer. These watches are meant for people with large amount of money to spare or the ones who want to invest their money to buy heirloom for the next generation.

However Rolex watches remain one of the very few luxury items that appreciate in value the longer you own them. Particularly, if you buy pre-owned, you can be reasonably assured that you will be able to sell your watch in the future for at least as much as you paid for it. This means you have spent years wearing a beautiful timepiece for free. So in real terms, Rolex’s are not expensive at all.

There are, of course, exceptions. In May this year, a yellow gold Rolex Triple Calendar Moonphase ref. 6062, the only one of its kind with a black dial and diamond indexes, sold for a staggering $5,060,427 at auction in Geneva. Belonging to Bao Dai, the playboy last emperor of Vietnam (and known as the Bao Dai Rolex) it became the most expensive example from the brand ever sold.

Rolex has long been associated with adventures and the quest to go deeper and higher. In 1960 the Rolex survived without missing a second on a US Navy bathyscape Trieste that went about 36,798 feet into the depth of theOcean at Mariana Trench. The watch endured a pressure of 14.000 psi. Also, it has been recorded that the Rolex watches worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and some members of his team in 1953, kept working even at the top of Mount Everest. So Rolex are definitely among the most robust, sturdy and well built watches on the market. Very few brands come close to Rolex’s standards!

All in all, it’s safe to say that for many, owning the best Rolex replica watch brings pure joy. It does something and it is way more practical.

Rolex Watches: How to Maintain Rolex Watch?

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1) The protection and nurse of the automatic mechanical watches: semi-automatic mechanical watches do not contain dry battery, but there are some simple protection aftercare that are indispensable, which is very beneficial to extend the fixed number of year of normal operation of your Rolex watch and the maintenance on satisfactory movement condition. The Operation principle of the semi-automatic winding watch is arm rocking back and forth which will help orbiting the movement, thus achieve the goal of semi-automatic winding.

2) If you wear the semi-automatic Rolex watch every day, the best protection aftercare method is tight the clockwork spring at every two weeks, to safeguard its gears normal and smooth operation. Gently rotate the crown until you can feel different slightly feeling. If you are not wearing your semi-automatic Rolex watch every day, which requires you wind your watch on a regular basis, as it will guarantee the inner machinery normal running correctly.

3) It is best for you to wind your mechanic Rolex in the same time daily. This practice is very good to the inner mechanism. If you want to form a habit, it is proposal for you to wind your Rolex watch after waking up in the morning every day. Don’t set the days and weeks index during the night. When you are in the implementation of continuous swing arm of sports activities, also it is highly suggested for you not to wear a semi-automatic watch, as arms waving back and forth frequently will damage the watch movement.

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