Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu ID One Watch Review

cartier ballon bleu replica
cartier ballon bleu replica

Translucent Ballon Bleu series plus the tourbillion, it is a new concept watch of the Cartier. Though it is the modeling of blue balloons, no matter its watch case and watch movement are both using unprecedented new materials. The watch case is made of niobium titanium alloy material, and the hairspring is made of Zérodurglass ceramics, whose coefficient of thermal expansion is very low. The Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica balance wheel is made of Carbon Crystal, so it is transparent, with vertical integration tackled fork, no longer has a feature of stone.

The movement Splint covers ADLC coating, which no longer needs jewel bearing and lubricating oil. ADLC is the abbreviation of “crystals” film, and has better adhesion than previous DLC, so you don’t have to worry about partial loss caused by knock against. At six o ‘clock position there has similar tourbillon device, which is the new design of escapement framework, with ultra high anti-seismic ability.

Carbon crystal transparent dial of the Cartier BallonBleu Replica creates the effect of like the dew but not dew, in order to draw the attention of the consumers to the new material and new design of escapement. Ballon Bleu DE Cartier 39 mm floating tourbillon enamel watches, with creative elegant temperament to interpret unique brand style, is specially designed for those connoisseurs who treat it as treasure.

Both elegant and wild charm of the cheetah are the symbol of Cartier brand essence, in the history of Cartier it has always played a role of totem. Nowadays, cheetah inspires the craft master numerous creative inspiration with its enchanting elegant wild charm, and also has created many exquisite peerless Cartier wrist watch, which gives cold machinery by feline animals unique spiritual. Besides, cheetah design adornment circular Pasha senior jewelry watches are also great choice for your Cartier watches buying.

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Cartier Watches: Reviews on Roadster Collection

cartier replica
cartier replica

For the Cartier Roadster series watches, the sleek curved contour of the watch mirror is convex shape, as it happens to connect with the screws at four sides. On the watch dial there has a magnifying mirror, for the appearance of the cross-sectional cuts, the Faucet becomes a visual focus, and the declaration of the arc is men’s masculine sense of life. Contour design captured in the rhythm of light and shade, which symbolized the plasticity of the men to be quiet or active appropriately; the belt with groove pattern and the STAINLESS STEEL belt enhanced the reveal of strength and freedom. In addition to featuring the simple and vivid Arabic numerals and design line, the watchcase of the Cartier Roadster has many characteristics echoing with the car body shape: the curve as the car mud leather streamline is lightly around the dial; the shape of the date magnifying glass is like the air inlet of the single-seater car hood; The convex Faucet is the radiator cap of a car. Roadster is the perfect combination of Cartier excellent tradition: excellent design, the appearance of purity, innovative ideas and excellent durability. All of these are the main features to make Cartier world-famous.

How to identify the Cartier watches? Yes you can observe the watch mirror or the watch pointers.

Cartier generally USES the sapphire table mirror, with the progress of science and technology, fake watch also started to follow it. Fake watch with sapphire watch mirror general was easy to see through, because the fake ones in order to reduce the cost won’t plate anti-reflect coating on the table mirror, not to mention the double coated, so under the light it reflect light seriously, and you just need to take Ultraviolet (uv) light for exposure to identify whether your Cartier watch is real or fake.

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