replica audemars piguet watches
replica audemars piguet watches

There are many kinds of precious metal. Only gold has the most sense of history and wealth. In the past, in order to highlight the noble, many luxury items are decorated with gold ornaments. In western countries, wearing gold jewelry and what is not particularly eye-catching. Because of cultural differences, the eastern countries with a thousand years of ancient civilization, what we pay attention to is “money should not be exposed” and introverted. Therefore, wearing a small amount of gold jewelry often means wealth, while wearing expensive heavy gold will be regard as rich people. Gold has therefore been re defined.

As the new version of Audemars Piguet this year, Royal Oak 26320BA.OO.1220BA.01 adopts Octagonal porthole type bezel. After drawing surface grinding process, the watch dial shows a matte and rough texture, which is not easy to be scratched and keeps the Keep the surface as it was. At the sides, polishing treatment make the delicate color of the metal completely refract, bring exquisite, elegant and perfect experience of advanced watches.

Echoing the watch ring, the crown design is the same generous. On the basis of the hexagonal contours, the curves and surfaces are modified to bring a sense of touch and visual balance.

A gold cover was fixed with eight screws. The watch dial use Embossed style to present the series’ name. Inside the bottom cover, the brand uses the calibre 2385 automatic upper chain movement which is one of the most commonly used basic timing movement of brand. The diameter of movement is 26.3mm. It has the vibration frequency of 3HZ.

Precious metals always have their powerful aura, so they are not easily harnessed. That is why people who are too young can not hold the watch. Precious metals, however, have their elegant side. This needs to be skillfully cut on its characteristics by Craftsman Seiko. Not all gold watches can be as refined as Audemars Piguet.

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