Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex GMT-Master 116759-SANR-78209 DP

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Almost all Rolex models have jewelry version, and have a high degree of market acceptance. The most common styles of jewelry inlaid is the people known as the stars. Wrapped the oyster watch’s strong appearance completely with precious stones and diamonds that made it looks more pressing. This gold GMT-Master II is a good example, replace the original watch ceramic layer on the ring with a square black sapphire and diamond, and the dial densely inlaid diamond, watch ears are trimmed the 76 teeth bright type lathe diamond, it is very radiant.

The watch’s diameter is 40mm, and the watch case and watchband are made of platinum, jewelry industry is not very special, but it is very exquisite and durable; even the crown shoulder is also full of diamond; The watch circle inlay with 12 black sapphire and 36 square drill with the hidden mosaic, Because of square drill’s cutting surface is less than brilliant Turner, the requirement of color, clarity, Turner and mosaic will higher. The watch is equipped with automatic movement Cal.3186.

In addition to the trademark and loan words, luminous dial, the dial all inlaid diamond, roughly divided into for two laps, to calibrate the bounded of the inner edge, central diamond neatly arranged, the outer ring has no regular arrangement, but inlay work is very excellent, the exposed surface drilling is very neat and tidy. Gemstone originally powerful performance of the Rolex put on the coat, the most special is in shoulder inlaid diamonds specially, general armor put on gold Python jade belt immediately. The Black Sapphire and drilling on the watch ring are abnormal eye-catching, it is used to replace the original metal digital engraved, after inlaid with gold jade, identify the second time is not the focus, but in its luxury tolerance.

Rolex watches – matters need to pay attention to the selection of suitable size

1, In order to be more comfortable, try to choose some light material of the watch.

2, Be careful to large table size watch, not everyone is suitable for large size watch.

3, Compared to the relatively thickness watches, the thin watches tend to be more fragile.

4, The best and most realistic approach is to have a try in the store.

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