Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116520 and Audemars Piguet 26330OR.OO.D088CR.01

daytona rolex replica
daytona rolex replica

Anti-magnetism, water-proof and shock-proof have been constant topics in the watch circle. The water-proof problems were solved long ago as some watches has 30 meters, 50 meters or even an amazing 12000 meters depth of water-proof. Shock-proof was also gracefully handled with the anti-shock systems that are set in Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Then today, we mainly focus on anti-magnetism of the watches. The first one is to use antimagnetic materials to design movement and, applying soft iron in the case is the second one. Just learn more about the rolex look alike watches and audemars piguet watches here!


Fashion style may be not perfect for those matured men while sport style cannot match their stale character. Therefore, the best for them are those watches that is both rich in culture and stunning in appearance.  Rolex COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA can be categorized into this class, in terms of its brand awareness and credibility. What we suggest here is the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116520. White dial, bright bezel and chronograph make this Oyster more attractive. As the heart of the watch, the balance wheel is fitted with Rolex’s PARAFLEX, a special anti-shocking device. What’s more, Rolex 9001 movement will be wound up through the oscillating rotor which provide constant energy as long as you swing your hand.

Audemars Piguet 26330OR.OO.D088CR.01 has a double calendars display, which displays Date and Week. As there is no quick adjustment, it is advised to keep watch from stopping running; otherwise, it is a real troublesome to adjust date. Week can also be displayed through hand and cannot do the quick adjustment. But due to the inner structure, week and date can be adjusted at the same time as well as adjusted separately. Anyway, double calendars, under the normal circumstance, can achieve more precision.

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