Which Watch With Diamonds Should Men Buy?

Every man should wear a watch. Not only is it an essential accessory to a real man, it also shows that a man values his and other people’s time. Yes, many men always assumed diamonds were for women. Can diamonds be a man’s best friend? Yes, according to our selection of mechanical masterpieces enhanced with the light of diamonds and gemstones. Here are 3 watches with diamonds that men can actually wear.

Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118238

The Rolex Day-Date on a fluted 18k gold bezel with diamond hour markers is, perhaps, a rather safe choice, but it is certainly a watch that does look good with diamonds, and those who notice won’t ask questions. Today, the Day-Date is available in numerous variations including this 18k Yellow Gold style. Its 41mm case features a fluted 18k gold bezel and houses a champagne dial with diamond hour markers. The bracelet, known as the President bracelet, was created for the launch and represents the ultimate in refinement and comfort. This model is also equipped with a 3156 calibre self-winding movement. It can be said that this timepiece is luxurious and highly precise. The Rolex Day-Date with diamonds would also be a fine choice if you’re going for a little “bling.” Whether you are a fashionable men or not , this watch will fit your style.

Rolex Submariner ‘Serti’

Another Rolex made the list. The Rolex Submariner in gold/steel (also referred to by collectors as the “Clown”) is available in this Serti version. “Serti” is from the French word sertissage, which means “setting stones.” Available with several dial colors and precious stones, the Submariner “Serti” is a watch for which you can easily swap the dial for a normal “Clown” dial when you’ve had your fill of wearing diamonds. Though it really doesn’t make sense to put diamonds on a divers’ watch, but it is more about style than practicality when we’re talking about diamond watches. After all, how many Replica Rolex Submariner watches, with or without diamonds, will ever see water, other than in a shower or bath?

You’ll be happy to know that there is a select universe of watches out there that prove that diamonds can be a man’s best friend. Yes, men is enough to wear a diamond watch.

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